IF launches online case-tracker

Ramesh Sharma

March 11, 2006

The system, which allows brokers to apply, track and manage clients’ cases online from the application stage to completion, is aimed at making broker’s lives easier.

Brian Ewing, head of intermediary sales at IF, said: “We have developed this case-tracking system following extensive testing with brokers. We wanted to make sure we were offering a system which matched the best available in the marketplace.

“In addition, improvements to the bank’s account opening process makes it even easier and quicker to place cases online. We will also be further enhancing the online services available later this year.”

IF claim to have designed the system so that brokers can free up more time to spend with their clients. Within this, as well as attempting to make the application process quicker by putting it online, the system includes a function that allows administration staff to check the status of the case on the broker’s behalf, rather than the broker having to do it themselves. Also, the system allows the broker to show the client the status of the application five minutes after it has been made.

Meanwhile, IF has said it is considering changes to its offset product.

Currently, a client cannot reduce their monthly payments if they make a capital repayment but this is set to change.

Heather Scott, head of communications at IF, explained the change could be on the cards in the future. She said: “When we launched the offset product, we based it on the belief that people wanted to pay off their mortgage early and wanted to pay a premium for this. However, we’ve learned people want the option so while we’ve got no firm date in mind to change this, it’s definitely on our list of things to do in the future.”

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