ifs launches CeMap audio learning tool

Amanda Jarvis

February 21, 2006

Mark Roberts, head of faculty financial regulation at the ifs, said: “It is a proven fact that people have different learning styles and many students retain knowledge more effectively when it is received audibly, rather than by other means, such as the traditional textbook.” 

“Audio learning has been used effectively in other sectors for years and now the audio tool for the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®) qualification will enable advisers to maximise their time by preparing for their professional exams whilst undertaking other routine activities such as driving.”

Based around a selection of case studies and questions from the specimen exam papers for CeMAP® module 3 ‘application of knowledge’, the audio CD has been scripted by audio learning specialists Glacier Point.

It features various expert practitioners discussing and explaining the questions raised in relation to case studies from the specimen paper. The ten questions relating to each case study are then described and answered in turn with full explanation.

The discussion takes the form of a studio-based discussion facilitated by a host. The parts are played by actors but their responses have been scripted by subject experts. The audio learning for CeMAP® is intended for those preparing to take the synoptic examination and apply the knowledge learnt from previous units. The complete specimen paper and related questions discussed are supplied in the inlay that accompanies the CD.

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