ifs launches online CeRGI qualification

Ramesh Sharma

April 22, 2006

The Certificate of Regulated General Insurance (CeRGI) is available through Searchlight’s Tick e-learning system and is designed for those relatively new to the insurance industry, whose work involves giving advice on general insurance. The qualification provides evidence that individuals have an understanding of risk and its application, the general purpose, role and benefits of insurance, and how the insurance market works.

The self-study e-programme is available immediately to all users in return for a small additional payment for each student enrolled. It has nine modules and uses multiple choice testing and a final mock exam to prepare students for the real exam that takes place at a Driving Test Centre. Successful individuals are then entitled to use the letters CeRGI after their name and will receive an ifs certificate.

Mark Roberts, head of faculty, financial regulation at ifs, said: “The ability to extend and validate their insurance learning and acquire a recognised industry qualification will be a significant benefit to insurance professionals studying online with Tick. CeRGI is appropriate to the practical needs of people pursuing a career in insurance, achievable in terms of ease of study and completion, and accessible in that users can study flexibly online as and when it suits them.”

Thomas Reeh, chief executive officer at blackandwhite.co.uk, commented: “This will help, absolutely. It mirrors very closely the CeMAP qualifications, where you can do most of your learning online, which is better as paper-based training is not very interactive. Anything that saves time is good and this will help the one-man band intermediaries who do not have in-house training. Things like this are a god-send, when you can just log on to the e-learning system, register and do the course when it suits.”

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