Industry bodies call on government to amend furlough rules

Ryan Fowler

May 26, 2020

The Conveyancing Association has linked up with other industry bodies – including RICS and the NAEA – to call for more flexibility in furlough arrangements.

The bodies have sent an open letter to the Chancellor (Rishi Sunak) as it fears that a successful property market re-launch is at risk without changes to the furlough scheme.

The letter proposes that employers should be able to move their staff in and out of furlough on a weekly basis rather than the current three-weekly basis.

Because of the financial implications of having to commit to paying un-furloughed staff, and faced with uncertainty in respect of income, many employers are taking a conservative approach to bringing people back on to the payroll.

By amending the furlough arrangement to allow firms to bring employees in and out of furlough on a weekly basis delays could be avoided enabling the market to run as smoothly as possible in the current circumstances.

Kate Faulkner, founder of the Home Buying and Selling Group (HBSG), said: “The decision by the government to re-activate the property market has been widely welcomed by all parties, not least those consumers who are desperate for a whole variety of reasons to complete their home moves.

“It is really important that the government now does all that it can to ensure the smooth operation of the market, helping to minimise stress levels for many people who already feel under great pressure, particularly essential workers moving home.”

Members of the group represent estate agents, conveyancers, valuers, surveyors, energy assessors, search companies and removers.

You can read the full letter here: Letter to the Chancellor

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