Industry should get involved in RICS survey consultation

The mortgage industry should get involved in the RICS consultation into new home survey standards, Joe Arnold, managing director of Arnold & Baldwin Chartered Surveyors, has urged.

The Home Survey Standard consultation – announced this week – proposes improvements to the way that home surveys are carried out and communicated.

Arnold was involved a working group which launched the consultation.

He said: “A home survey is a crucial part of any property purchase as it protects the buyer’s investment. So, as the working group, we asked whether the existing process is still fit for purpose. Two main themes emerged.

“The first was that many issues arise not from the competency of the surveyor but in the way that information is communicated and the management of expectations.

“The second was that the way people consume data has changed dramatically in recent years, but home surveys have not caught up. Current standards do not enable flexibility and people simply don’t have the time to read a long report any more.

“So, the new standards that have been proposed will enable greater use of other media like photo and video, more accessible terminology, and more open communication.

“These new standards could potentially benefit every property transaction, so everyone involved in the process should have an interest. If you have an interest in the future of your business, I suggest visiting the website and making your opinions heard.”

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