Ingard Adds Norton Home Loans to Panel

Robyn Hall

July 27, 2016

Ingard has added Norton Home Loans to its panel of lenders – providing its AR’s and DA’s access to a wider range of funding solutions for non-standard first and second charge mortgages.

Nikki Haworth, Ingard sales and marketing director, said: “We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our advisers and clients.

“Our distribution team receive regular enquiries from advisers whose clients do not fit ‘high street’ lenders’ criteria, due to historic adverse, age or non-typical income make-up.

“There are a number of key differentiators which Norton offer which we believe will meet the needs of these borrowers, such as their flexible stance on secured and unsecured adverse and the wide range of income sources they will consider. Norton are an established award-winning lender, who we look forward to working closely with in the coming months.”

Stephen Lawrence, group national sales manager for the Norton Finance Group, said: “Our strategy for 2016 was developing a distributor channel for our first and second mortgage products and therefore we are delighted to begin working with the Ingard network. The lending products will be of particular interest to those homeowners who have had credit issues in the past and now with an improvement in their financial position wish to consolidate debt, reduce monthly payments and improve their credit profile.”

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