Insurance brand Guardian has been reborn

Michael Lloyd

January 25, 2018

The 200-year-old insurance brand, Guardian, has been relaunched.

The protection brand is launching through 2018 with the next stage in May. It will introduce new technology to improve the underwriting process.

Simon Davis, chief executive at Grphon, said: “We’ve built a single integrated underwriting engine which means we can simplify and speed up the underwriting process. That’s one of the biggest challenges for insurance compares.

“We are deploying liberating technology, by being unencumbered by latest systems, we are able to harness the power of technology to deliver an effortless system for advisers that offers a number of things, some of which include, greater pipelines visibility, instant communication, faster processing. We’ve talked to advisers about these.”

Peter Mann, chairman at Grphon added: “I think I’m right in saying that this is the first exclusively protection advisory service that has been launched in the UK since 2003.

“In the last 15 years we’ve served the advice community pretty poorly because we haven’t seen businesses that are truly focused on protection, protection only and making life better for families.”

“I want to bring a board that thinks and is led by the market. Most of all I want to passionately make a difference.”

The Guardian trading name was acquired by Grphon in December 2017 and is being used as the brand name for the £180m backed protection challenger.

Guardian has set out to deliver on the promise: ‘Life. Made Better’ with life, critical illness and income protection cover that’s easier to understand and buy.

Davis said: “We are rolling out a full product sweep, so life term policies, critical illness and protection products. These will all be processed through a single integrated underwriting question engine sale. That is unique in the market today.

“We will remove ambiguity and provide better cover. This will make life better for customers and advisers and deliver better outcomes which is what we all need to focus on

“We will focus on providing better cover for illnesses that represent the biggest threat to customers.

“The combination of these and the changes we are making come together for a full promise. A promise for our customers that they will have cover that will not let them down, it’s also a promise to advisers because their lives will be better because working with us will be effortless and our policies will always represent the very best advice. In other words, life made better.”

Matt Timmins, joint chief executive of SimplyBiz, added: “The history, brand and reputation of Guardian, combined with this new approach, is extremely exciting for the market and our members.

“We’re delighted to have worked with the Grphon team on their plans for Guardian over the past 18 months and relish the opportunity to get more families protected.”

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