Insurer wins £100,000 from £1 scratchcard

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July 22, 2015

Lewis Gill, 22, from Leeds was given a Red Scratchcard from National Lottery Gamestore for effectively supporting a client – but he couldn’t believe his luck when he scooped the top prize.

He said: “Management often gives us little incentives, like scratchcards, for doing small tasks well.

“A good phone call with a client, a nicely written letter and so on… A few members of the team have won £10 here or there, but no-one’s ever hit the jackpot before!”

He suggested the win was “some kind of cosmic pat on the back”.

He added: “That morning, on my way to work, I was in a good mood and wanted to pass on some positivity: I gave up my seat on the bus, for instance, I let a couple go ahead of me in a queue and I helped a fellow passenger with his bags.

“I joked with colleagues when I got into the office that maybe the universe would repay me, and we all laughed and agreed that karma probably didn’t work like that.”

Despite receiving the windfall at such a young age Gill said he will not go mad with the cash.

He added:: “I did the all lads’ holidays and crazy parties at university. I would like to go away though, somewhere a little more adventurous or enriching – perhaps a tour of the Amazon rainforest. It would also be nice to be able to help my parents out.

“Whatever I do, I’m not going to fritter the money away. Winning such a large amount at such a young age is a unique opportunity to help set myself up for later life. I’d like to invest a good chunk of the money, either in bonds or property.”

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