IntelliFlo launches online CRM portal for brokers

Nia Williams

November 14, 2011

The Intelligent Office system will allow quotes to be generated directly through sourcing providers and will store these and relevant documents offering full compliance.

It will also allow for leads to be added to the system by third parties such as estate agents and other introducers. Introducers will have limited access to the lead area where they can see management information on the current status of their candidate.

Integration with mortgage and protection sourcing will also remove the need to re-key client information between different providers.

IntelliFlo claims their end-to-end system will reduce non-income generative work, input time and drive up revenue opportunities.

Nick Eatock, chief executive officer at IntelliFlo, said: “As always within the Intelligent Office suite, this enhancement is designed to give busy professionals a complete system, through which the entire IT requirements of the company can be run via a single online portal.

“This saves time and money and allows advisers to focus on their clients, not on repetitive and time consuming administrative tasks.”

Sophie Hall, director of business development at IntelliFlo, added: “We believe this new bespoke mortgage functionality is exactly what the market needs.

“By running their business through a simple log-in, advisers can remove the costly overheads associated with an in-house IT capability and users can access information about their business and their clients any time and from any location.

“This gives not only flexibility to mortgage professionals but also brings all of their needs within a single operating system.”

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