Interbay Commercial unveils new branding

Nia Williams

June 25, 2013

The lender’s market re-entry followed the acquisition of InterBay Commercial by OneSavings Bank plc last year.

The new branding strategy aims to be reflective of the success of the organisation since its relaunch, delivering a fresh and contemporary identity that will support the growth and evolution of the business in future.

Along with the new brand style, a redesigned website will offer improved functionality and interactive options for users. New technology has been introduced in the form of a quick quote calculator which provides detailed quotations for InterBay’s key partners.

Visitors to the Commercial Finance Expo in Birmingham on Wednesday 26 June will have the first opportunity to see the new look and feel in person.

Colin Bell, CEO of InterBay Commercial, commented: “We are committed to fresh thinking and taking a holistic approach to our work with broker partners and borrowers.

“The new branding and site takes account of this approach so we now have a suite of market leading products, tailored underwriting through to clear branding and a website that is as accessible and straightforward as possible.

“Building on the fantastic reception we have received from the market since we relaunched has been very encouraging, especially the launch of our high net worth products and significant price reductions across the whole of our range.

“We will continue to strive to meet our key partner’s needs supporting the SME and investor market.”

Tony Sutton, managing director, Specialist Financial Services Ltd, commented: “The revised product launch a couple of weeks ago from InterBay has really made a difference to the specialist commercial finance market.

“This has been enhanced even further by the high net worth range of products a week later. InterBay has demonstrated they are prepared to price their products aggressively, with some of their products now competing favourable with the high street lenders.

“We have also heard their website will soon include a new calculator, enabling us to prepare very fast illustrations on new enquiries and download the necessary documentation. This will be a welcome addition for their key partners, as we can satisfy new customers that we have researched the market to find the most suitable and competitively priced product available.”

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