Intrinsic announces secured loan exclusive

Sam Cordon

July 10, 2013

The announcement follows the launch of a new secured loan lender, Clearly Loans, which is a collaboration of the directors of Loans Warehouse and former investment banker Garry Monaghan.

Emma Hollingworth, mortgage sales director of Intrinsic, said: “A straightforward mortgage case is becoming a bit of an endangered species which is why Intrinsic is keen to ensure our members have as many alternatives to hand as well as the ability to secure a consistent income stream. We’re delighted to partner with Loans Warehouse as part of our overall Specialist Lending panel.”

Matt Tristram, director of Loans Warehouse, said: “With increased demand for secured loans Intrinsic like many other networks is looking to find the best secured loan options for its members. The timing couldn’t be better: as the first network partnership we have entered into, Intrinsic members have exclusive access to the UK’s newest secured loan lender, Clearly Loans.

“We can offer members excellent commission rates, one of the largest ranges of secured loans they’ll find anywhere in the UK and, most importantly, award winning service they can trust when discussing the borrowing needs of their valued clients.”

Loans Warehouse will be on the road throughout July meeting Intrinsic members as part of the network’s Specialist Lending Masterclass programme.

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