Invest in Property roadshow hits London

Amanda Jarvis

April 19, 2006

It is predicted that this year the UK will spend an additional 50 per cent on property investment, as year after year all the major equity increases come from this sector. The pension crisis, the lack of company schemes and the prospect of working for longer, have fuelled the growth in the property market.

The show is not just for the first-time buyer, but also for the more experienced investor who may already have a number of properties in their portfolio. The show will identify emerging locations, which have yet to realise their potential and provide insightful information and advise on a myriad of current issues that face property investors.

The four free seminar theatres will host a number of workshops and talks covering all aspects of investing in property. Including the current UK property hot-spots with views from a number of eminent speakers, the rights and powers of being a landlord with a talk from the National Federation of Residential Landlords (NFRL), the commercial property market and how to invest in UK Land and the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) will be talking about what the market is really doing. Property law experts Blevins Franks and John Howells will be running a number of seminars covering international investment hot spots and how to maximise local tax opportunities.

Show sponsors Moneycorp will also be on hand to offer tailored foreign exchange advice. There are even live property auctions with nationwide UK and Spanish properties up for sale everyday.

TV’s Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan of Channel 5’s ‘How Not to Decorate’ show will be hosting the Inspiration Theatre. The duo will provide insights, top-tips and pointers for investors who want to develop and maximise the potential value of their property. 

While visitors can meet up with house builders, developers and estate agents from throughout the UK as well as overseas, who are specifically picked for the investment potential of their properties.

Countries represented are the ever popular Spain and France as well as destinations such as Estonia, Romania and Hungary. These areas are capturing the attention of the adventurous investor who wants to own a piece of increasingly valuable real estate. Slovenia, Slovakia and Bulgaria all continue to excite investors.

One emerging market is Dubai and the Invest in Dubai feature has been introduced as a direct response to the increase in revenue being invested as consumers recognise its rapid growth in regeneration. Luxurious living, the finest cuisine and world class shopping are the hallmarks of Dubai and it also has a dynamic and buoyant real estate market with current record low interest rates and under-performing stock markets. 

Exhibitors Emaar Properties have witnessed tremendous growth in the Dubai market since their inception in 1997 and aim at driving growth and sustainability in the regional real estate market.

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