Iraq affects housing market

Amanda Jarvis

March 18, 2003

In London the figure rises to 70% of active home hunters. In the capital, 50% say these concerns are directly affecting their home hunting behaviour, but only 32% say this nationally.

The survey came on the same day that the Rightmove house price index reported that headline annual house price rises in London dropped from 18.3% in February to 10.9% in March, with a 2.7% fall for the month. The figures are particularly concerning as they relate to the views of people who are still actually looking rather than having decided not to move at all.

“It is unclear how deep or long-lasting concerns over war will prove to be,” commented Ed Williams, Rightmove’s managing director. “However 23% of people responding to our survey still felt confident of moving if they found the right property. The situation has some parallels with the situation after September 11th when people continued to look at property on the internet in huge numbers but took a few months to turn that interest into real commitment to move.”

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