IRESS launches client portal for mortgage brokers

Ryan Bembridge

March 20, 2019

Financial technology business IRESS has launched a client portal for XPLAN Mortgage to enable brokers and clients to share documents.

From launch the client portal will offer two-way sharing of documents and a mobile optimised experience.

Clients can also use the portal to electronically sign documents, while the portal can be aligned to a business’s brand.

Andrew Simon (pictured), executive general manager, product, UK, IRESS, said: “IRESS is focused on improved, more impactful customer outcomes.

“We recognise that today’s mortgage brokers want to deliver a professional and personalised digital experience to their clients.

“Our new client portal provides a secure and straight-forward way for advisers and their clients to engage and communicate with each other 24/7 and can be delivered at scale and with ease.

“We are innovating to remove inefficiency and frustration in the end to end mortgage journey. Simply being able to take a photo of a payslip or utility bill, upload the picture to your client portal and send it securely to your adviser removes some of the process pain points of sharing documents during a mortgage application.”

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