Iress launches new hub

Jake Carter

March 26, 2020


Iress has launched a new hub to provide free technology-related information.

According to the firm, the hub is also designed to provide support for the financial services industry as it adjusts to new ways of working.

Users will be able to access a range of guidance and tools, including on how to continue supporting clients while working remotely, and how to access information securely.

Furthermore the hub will be accessible to all, not just clients of Iress.

Andrew Walsh, chief executive at Iress, said: “In the past month, financial services businesses have had to adapt suddenly – with normal ways of working and interacting breaking down and the need for digital interaction rapidly accelerating.

“Sound management and guidance by financial professionals is one of the ways society will navigate this crisis.

“It’s our job to support and assist the financial community to do that through technology.

“Resources and information covers practical ways businesses can stay connected to clients and their people while working from home as well as increased information on how to get the most from our software and services.”

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