Iress partners with Codepotato

Jake Carter

February 11, 2021

Iress has partnered with Codepotato to offer brokers their own branded life insurance quote engine.

According to Iress, the partnership will see the engine integrated with their existing websites.

Quotehaven allows customers to compare protection products from the whole of the market as well as revealing specific offerings that match the user’s needs.

It is designed for small to medium-sized businesses, and it helps firms digitise their offerings without the need for the associated capital expenditure or retraining of staff, outlined Iress.

Furthermore, customers can self-select products and then speak to a broker for advice.

Quotehaven will be available through ‘The Exchange’ by Iress.

Dave Miller, executive general manager of Iress, said: “COVID-19 has required all businesses to be more digitally focused, and Quotehaven is the ideal tool to help those firms that do not necessarily have the resources of the big players by allowing them to make that digital transformation.

“This tool enables firms to make strong progress on the complete digitisation journey, bringing more qualified customers through the pipeline without impacting brokers’ time and without excessive outlay.”

Gareth Thompson, managing director of Codepotato, added: “Quotehaven was built to make launching a life insurance quote platform much more accessible for smaller firms.

“Iress’ ‘The Exchange’ is an ideal platform to make sure that anyone that needs to has the opportunity to use Quotehaven.

“We’ve poured everything we’ve learnt from powering over 290,000 protection quotes into Quotehaven and that, combined with with Iress’ scale and reach. make it an exciting prospect for small to medium sized firms.”

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