Jailed trio ordered to pay £13m back for mortgage fraud

Ryan Bembridge

January 16, 2018

Three fraudsters have been ordered by pay back £13m raked in from mortgage fraud to avoid facing more jail time, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The trio were part of a gang that used forged documents to get a mortgage on 21 properties in and around Birmingham, which were renovated and rented out to students.

The jailed gang comprised of Mohammed Suleman Khan, known as ‘The General’, as well as two of his brothers, his sister in law and two associates.

‘The General’ hid his wealth in the UK while building an estate in Pakistan modelled on Buckingham Palace.

Now, following an investigation by the Royal Asset Recovery Team, Mohammed Suleman Khan’s brother Shokut Zuman has been told to repay £4m within three months or face another nine years behind bars.

Arshid Khan was ordered to repay over £8m within three months or face a further 10 years in jail.

And crooked real estate broker Mohammed Mughal was ordered to hand over £1.38m within three months or face an extra seven years in prison.

Jonathan Jones, head of the Regional Asset Recovery Team, said: “The trio were ordered to pay back more than £13m.

“This represents one of the team’s best ever confiscation result and the conclusion of almost seven years hard work.

“Whilst a significant element of this represents hidden assets, we still expect to enforce the sale of a large number of properties restrained in the UK and raise around £4.5m.

“Additionally, lengthy sentences were imposed to Khan, Zuman and Mughal which will further persuade them to pay up any hidden assets.

“This has been a hard-fought operation which has ended with a spectacular result.”

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