Jealous Brits want to sell and buy a new home

Michael Lloyd

May 8, 2018

Britons feel so envious of their friends’ and family members’ homes that one in eight sell up and buy a new property.

Home interiors specialist Hillarys found the majority of homeowners (71%) confessed they were envious of the interior decoration and possessions of their friends and family.

More bedrooms, a larger living space and less maintenance are the top traits that buyers look for when searching for their next home.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys, said: “Some people enjoy making their homes perfect for the way they live – there’s plenty of inspiration out there that they actively look for. For others, it’s not so easy to know what they want or where to get the ideas.

“Rather than feeling jealous, they could speak to their friends and family members and come up with ideas together.”

Some 42% of homeowners were happy with how their home looks but also said that it’s a work in progress, while 35% thought it was exactly how they wanted it and 23% said they weren’t happy as it needs a lot of work.

Those who stated it was either a work in progress or required a lot of work were asked if they were currently undertaking the work required. Just one fifth (21%) were. When asked what it was that was holding them up, respondents cited ‘lack of money’ (46%) and ‘lack of inspiration’ (29%) as their top reasons.

The most common reactions to being envious of other people’s homes were: making a start on renovations/decorating (38%), looking at other houses on the market (25%) and decluttering my home (23%). About 20% said nothing at all while 17% put it down to spring cleaning.

One in eight (12%) of those who were envious of others’ homes began the process of selling their own home and purchasing a new one within six months of comparing their current home to others.

When asked what they specifically looked for in a new home the main responses were ‘more bedrooms’ (26%), ‘a larger living space’ (24%) and ‘a lower maintenance home’ (20%).

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