Jeremy Leaf: Govt stance on home moving “welcome”

Jake Carter

March 27, 2020

Jeremy Leaf, a north London estate agent, has said the government’s latest stance on home moving is “welcome because they have brought much-needed clarity”.

Leaf believes that it is understandable the government is taking the stance of advising to delay home moving where possible.

He added that it has become a fraught situation to so many people who are in the throes of moving.

However, what Leaf has found is that the majority of people, having made the decision to move, want to hang on in there and see what happens rather than take any dramatic steps to pull out.

He noted that this excludes individuals who have lost their job or their industry is particularly badly compromised.

Leaf said: “If anything, the need to stay in and sit on their hands is making more people think about moving when the virus is hopefully conquered and our lives are no longer on hold, if the enquiries still coming in are anything to go by.

“We have noticed, particularly with rentals, that there is continued interest in finding accommodation but of course we can’t arrange viewings at the moment. We are just keeping everything in check and hopefully won’t be too long.”

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