JLM Mortgage Services launches Master Private Finance

Michael Lloyd

July 2, 2019

Mortgage and protection network JLM Mortgage Services has launched Master Private Finance, a specialist mortgage desk exclusively for JLM network members and their clients.

Master Private Finance is a joint venture with Vincent Burch, owner of an appointed representative (AR) within JLM, and a specialist in this sector.

Master Private Finance offers JLM’s appointed representative (AR) firms access to a panel of mortgage providers that specialise in complex, residential and buy-to-let transactions, as well as secured loans, bridging and development finance, and commercial mortgages.

Jonathan Burridge (pictured), development director at JLM Mortgage Services, said: “We’ve created Master Private Finance as an antidote to the traditional packager proposition because we want to provide network members with a quality service and ensure their clients have transparency of cost within the specialist sector.

“By offering our advisers a choice of how they engage with us, while not differentiating in their earnings, we hope that more will trust us to do the heavy lifting with their hard-earned clients – we will give the advice so that they can work on other client needs.

“We fully understand the importance of delivering a quality service and the price of a good reputation. Master Private Finance is all about ensuring those clients get the right product solution and that we can further enhance the business of those network members who use us.”

Networks members have two options in dealing with Master Private Finance. They can use the proposition to help with client placement and packaging with the panel of specialist lenders; or refer the client and Master Private Finance will deal with them directly, working the case through to completion.

Whichever option is chosen, the JLM member will be paid the same market-rate commission and, if Master Private Finance is advising the client directly, there will be a recognition that the client is ‘owned’ by the adviser and this dealing is purely a transaction.

At the end of the process Master Private Finance will cease contact with the client.

Those advisers using the service will be kept up to date through all stages of the process via the latest case-tracking software with access to all working notes.

And when the product advised upon is up for review, the adviser will be informed so they can contact the client to see what future product opportunities exist for them.

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