Jordan International Bank instructs BEP Systems to deliver mortgage platform

Jake Carter

February 18, 2021

Jordan International Bank (JIB) has instructed BEP Systems to deliver its mortgage and buy-to-let lending platform.

The bank, which is regulated by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, has been given permission to carry out regulated home finance lending in the UK.

BEP has developed systems to cater for first charge and BTL lending with affordability modelling across multiple asset classes.

The new platform allows for a two-way integration with the Finastra core banking engine for loan on-boarding as well as pre-populating application details for existing JIB customers.

In addition, credit reference integration with Experian and currency conversion are also catered for.

Hichem Turki, head of private banking at Jordan International Bank, said: “We were very impressed with the credentials of BEP Systems as they work with other established UK mortgage and buy-to-let lenders.

“Their knowledge and understanding of the business requirements for our new and innovative range of products as well as the product flexibility to tailor our regulated lending offerings to meet our customer needs were excellent.”

Chris Little, managing director of BEP Systems, added: “I‘m delighted to have worked with an established UK bank developing new products and services for its international client base.

“Our Apprivo2 platform has been customised to suit the challenging requirements of the new products to be offered by JIB.

“We believe Apprivo2 is one of the fastest growing systems in the UK serving specialist finance lenders and continues to provide cutting edge software solutions.

“We have also managed to contract and commence delivery of this project during the COVID-19 lockdowns with staff working remotely, demonstrating the flexibility of our staff at being able to continue to operate at full capacity to support our existing customers whilst continuing to work on new projects.”

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