Jumbo support for Thai Elephants

Amanda Jarvis

February 11, 2005

EleAid, a conservation charity working for the survival of the endangered Asian elephant, had its plans to build an elephant medical centre at the award winning Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand dramatically affected by the appalling events of Boxing Day, when the Asian Tsunami struck the region. The understandable switching of donations to concentrate on supporting the devastated communities resulted in a considerable shortfall in the EleAid budget.

The project was facing an indefinite delay until Elephant Loans learned of the charity’s plight and offered to provide all of outstanding finance needed for the project to go ahead.

Managing Director of Elephant Loans, Gary Miller-Cheevers said, “I’d been aware of EleAid for some time. But when I learned that this important medical centre lacked the vital funds it needed for completion, I felt that Elephant Loans should associate itself formally with the charity. We’re delighted that we’re able to help out in this way.“

Charles Begley, Chairman of EleAid, comments, “Everyone at EleAid is delighted. Things were looking pretty bleak at the beginning of the year. The generous sponsorship deal from Elephant Loans has turned everything around and we can now start building work in March – not much later than planned.”

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