Just Mortgages doubles number of area directors

Jake Carter

January 6, 2022

Broker firm Just Mortgages has doubled its number of area directors, from 11 at the start of 2021, to 22.

Each director is responsible for approximately 30 self-employed brokers, and also works with the self-employed team to develop business plans.

Ben Allkins, head of mortgages and protection for the Just Mortgages self-employed division, said: “With the self-employed team expanding so quickly, it was essential we grew the number of area directors alongside.

“We’ve recently expanded our operations in Wales and Scotland, and brought in a number of experienced area directors to support in these areas.

“Our area directors are an invaluable resource for our self-employed team to tap into.

“They are all experienced brokers themselves, and can advise not just on the professional side of things, but also balancing your home life alongside being a broker.

“A growing number of our brokers are now looking to set up principal partnerships, and our area directors can support them, giving them advice on recruiting, and how to manage a team of people.

“With our ambitious plans for 2022, it will be essential that we continue expanding the area director team so they can continue to support our brokers to deliver best advice.”

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