Just Mortgages’ self-employed division up 20%

Jake Carter

April 21, 2021

self-employed division

Just Mortgages’ self-employed division has grown by 60 brokers, up from 300 at the end of 2020, in the first three months of 2021.

With the housing market reporting considerable interest from buyers, the growth of the self-employed division looks set to continue.

Just Mortgages also reported a record number of applications in March alone, with 27 applying to join the self-employed team.

The self-employed brokers who have joined Just Mortgages benefit from a comprehensive training programme, which provides them with free resources to develop areas in which they require support.

These sessions range from business development training, which helps brokers gain the skills to recruit and build their own firms, to cultivating the soft-skills required to effectively sell protection products.

Carl Parker, national director of the self-employed division at Just Mortgages, said: “The huge increase in brokers that have joined our team is testament to the great level of support and training we provide.

“Every single broker that joins the division is supported by an area director who helps them craft a business strategy.

“They then give them all the advice, mentoring and training they need to make sure they hit their goals.

“With the housing market currently flooded with people looking to move, we have been inundated with applications from brokers looking to go self-employed.

“Generating leads has not been an issue recently, and with the training we provide brokers to develop their social media and online presence, our team is not short of clients to work with.

“More 95% loan-to-value products are coming back to the market, and the rush on properties looks set to continue.

“Therefore, we hope and expect the massive interest in joining our team to continue, and we aim to have 425 self-employed brokers by the end of the year.”

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