Kate Faulkner: Negative press is putting 20 somethings off buying

Ryan Bembridge

January 9, 2017

Negative press coverage about the housing market is putting off a lot of people in their 20s from even thinking about buying according to property analyst Kate Faulkner.

She was responding to Nationwide’s house price index for December which revealed that affordability has improved in the last decade in Scotland, the North, East Midlands and Northern Ireland.

Faulkner said: “We’re putting off 20 somethings from buying.

“We’ve got to get over this argument that nobody can afford anything and it’s a housing crisis.

“Now is the time for 20 somethings to research into their own area and ignore the headlines saying they can’t afford to get on the ladder.

“Press coverage is far too London centric where prices are significantly higher than the rest of the UK.”

Across the UK the average first-time buyer age is 30, though this rises to 32 in London.

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