Keeping up will cost you £625k

Nia Williams

April 8, 2013

New research reveals in order to be deemed successful by the British public palatial pads worth upwards of £578k is one necessity, as well as a car worth £27k – preferably an Aston Martin or a Porsche – parked on the drive.

Fixtures and fittings of ‘power pads’ must be kitted out with a 50″ wide-screen television, a hot tub and a team of staff on the payroll.

Thankfully, in order to be truly successful in the eyes of the British public, those who spend must also save. Figures suggest that successful savers must squirrel away a nest egg of over £15k to be considered top of the social strata.

The research showed Britons aspire to earn £64k a year. Those in a relationship expect the same salary earnings from their partner taking the aspirational household income far higher than realistic averages.

It also reveals that success can carry a hefty cost for those that over-spend in a bid to keep up appearances. Fourteen per cent of Brits admitted to buying certain items or brands in order to be perceived as more successful than they actually are.

This could prove a costly decision, with over one in four choosing to make these purchases by credit card rather than in cash, saddling spenders with debt averaging over £6.2k.

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