Kensington ups max residential LTVs

Ryan Bembridge

January 20, 2016

Kensington has increased its maximum loan-to-values to 85% on its core range and launched a selection of 65% LTV products.

The 85% LTV mortgages stand at 4.49% for a 2-year fix and 4.79% for a 3-year fix with a completion fee of £1,299.

The new 65% LTV products are a 2-year fix at 3.34%, a 3-year fix at 3.64% and a 5-year fix at 4.29% with a £999 completion fee.

Steve Griffiths, head of sales and distribution at Kensington, said: “Kensington has exciting plans for 2016. We will provide more opportunity for customers whose chances of getting a standard mortgage have been hindered by the complexities of life – and this means more opportunity for brokers to place their difficult cases.

“One way of growing this opportunity is by increasing the choice of products we are able to offer, with more product LTVs and payment options to better meet the needs our brokers and their clients. But this is just the start, and we look forward to announcing new and exciting changes to our product range in the coming months.”

The lender is also offering mortgages with free valuations on purchases, free valuations and legals on remortgages and no completion fee.

To 65% LTV the lender offers a 2-year fix at 3.79% and a 3-year fix at 4.09%, while to 85% LTV its 2-year fix costs 4.99% and its 3-year fix stands at 5.29%.

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