Kent Reliance partners with 3mc

Robyn Hall

August 29, 2012

3mc is one of a select few ‘hybrid’ distributors offering mortgage intermediaries access to specialist lenders on a direct to lender basis and other lenders on a packaged basis.

The partnership with Kent Reliance will enhance its offering in the direct to lender arena.

Doug Hall, 3mc Deputy Managing Director, said: “Kent Reliance’s reputation as the lender with the ‘human touch’ is well deserved.

“Their ability to underwrite mortgages individually rather than using the computer-driven approached used by other lenders, enables them to address niche areas of the mortgage market.

“By developing a partnership with Kent Reliance, 3mc has strengthened its overall offering considerably.”

With over 150 years’ experience in the mortgage market Kent Reliance offers niche products to meet the needs of those who don’t fit into standard boxes.

John Eastgate, Kent Reliance sales and marketing director, said: “It’s great to be able to announce the new partnership with 3mc.

“Their commitment to providing high quality service is well known. In a difficult market the role of businesses like 3mc, who manage the relationships between brokers and lenders, is of huge value and we look forward to a successful relationship with them.”

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