Key adopts Aveni.ai speech analytics platform

Jake Carter

January 11, 2022

artificial intelligence analytics

Equity release firm Key has adopted a speech analytics platform through Aveni.ai to improve its ability to identify and support vulnerable customers.

The partnership enables Aveni.ai to monitor conversations with artificial intelligence (AI), while Key is also working with Aveni.ai to support improved adviser training and oversight processes, as well as boost quality assurance processes.

By using Aveni.ai to monitor all conversations with customers, specific keywords and phrases can be automatically flagged and routed to the compliance team at Key for review.

For example, certain topics mentioned in conversations with an agent, such as a bereavement or illness, may be indications that a customer is potentially vulnerable and requires support.

Will Hale, chief executive of Key, said: “We embrace innovation at Key, and our partnership with Aveni.ai demonstrates our commitment to using technology to consistently improve the quality of our advice, and ensure we continue to lead the market in how we support our clients.

“Beyond efficiency, this partnership will allow us to drive greater transparency and oversight, and help us to better identify vulnerable and other high risk customers, all of which contribute towards ensuring the best possible outcomes for our customers.”

Joseph Twigg, chief executive of Aveni, added: “Every company is unique, and off-the-shelf speech analytics tools often deliver less than optimal results, so we start by understanding the specific problems our customers are trying to solve.

“It’s great to work with a company like Key that truly cares about its clients and recognises that innovative solutions can help improve customer service and ultimately unlock a wealth of new intelligence and insight.”

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