KGB Packaging joins PMPA

Ramesh Sharma

March 18, 2006

KGB Packaging is the second firm to join since the split in the group at the beginning of the year and will now market PMPA products, including the Unity brand.

Rachel Bancroft, managing director of KGB Packaging, said: “We are delighted that we have been admitted to the PMPA, which we regard as the premier mortgage packaging brand. We look forward to contributing fully to the organisation, as well as offering our brokers the benefit of the range of exclusive products.”

KGB Packaging is based in Barnet and employs 10 staff. It is currently recruiting non-conforming underwriters and business development managers as part of the continuing expansion of the business and will be hoping to increase the amount of written business significantly by being part of the PMPA organisation.

Bancroft commented: “We took the first steps towards membership about two years ago but initially we did not met the criteria. Since then, we have to built KGB into the size and shape of company that PMPA would be pleased to accept and I’m absolutely delighted we have managed to reach the standards, as I see membership as a strong external quality-endorsement for us.”

Jon O’Brien, PMPA’s operations director, said: “KGB Packaging Limited’s high standard of professionalism is an excellent match with PMPA’s declared vision and values. We extend a warm welcome to Rachel and KGB and are confident the whole organisation will benefit from the experience and good practice of its latest member.

KGB is a well-known and respected packager and joins PMPA with enthusiastic lender endorsement. PMPA members are looking forward to working together with KGB Packaging as the organisation continues to offer added value to its members, lender panel and brokers in the future.”

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