Knowledge Bank adds criteria from Greenfield Mortgages

Michael Lloyd

December 4, 2019

Knowledge Bank has added criteria from Greenfield Mortgages onto its bridging offering.

Greenfield Mortgages lends regulated and unregulated bridging loans throughout England and Wales.

It has a maximum LTV of 70% but can go up to 100% with additional security.

Averil Wagoner, relationship manager at Greenfield Mortgages, said: “Greenfield Mortgages continues to actively expand the avenues through which intermediaries can reach us.

“We aim to give them the freedom to access our products through various channels.

“We see the Knowledge Bank as an expanding sourcing tool and are confident that our new partnership with Knowledge Bank will help widen our outreach.”

Nicola Firth, founder and chief executive, Knowledge Bank, added: “The inclusion of criteria from Greenfield Mortgages onto the bridging section of Knowledge Bank is a great addition for brokers.

“Offering both regulated and unregulated bridging loans for purposes such as auction purchases, property refurbishments, unmortgageable properties as well as for business and other uses, their unique and flexible criteria coupled with extremely fast turnaround times will be very well received by intermediaries.

“We know from our Criteria Activity Tracker that regulated bridging is frequently appears in the top five searches, so demand is high for this type of borrowing.

“By featuring their criteria in its entirety exclusively on Knowledge Bank, it’s a fantastic way to showcase their offering to thousands of brokers who will now have even more options and to quickly and efficiently find the right solution for their clients.”

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