Knowledge Bank hits over 100 lender mark

Robyn Ashman

December 6, 2017

Since September the number of lenders with criteria on Knowledge Bank has increased to more than one hundred, while the number of criteria has increased by 10,000, from 18,000 to 28,327.

Additionally some 1,098 searches for criteria have been carried out, outside of business hours by brokers in the three months since it officially launched in September.

Knowledge Bank allows brokers to search for the lenders that will cater for their clients 24 hours a day.

Nicola Firth, CEO of Knowledge Bank, said: “We have been over the moon by the number of lenders wanting to put their criteria on Knowledge Bank.

“The number of brokers looking to place business outside of normal working hours shows they have been justified as the lenders whose criteria does not yet appear are potentially missing out on business.

“Within a three-month period, there have been 1,098 occasions where brokers were placing cases out of hours where, had they just been reliant on speaking to BDMs or help desks, they would have had to wait until the following business day to get the answer.

“Instead these brokers were able to crack on and place the case and start on new business the next day. This simple equation means that, due to Knowledge Bank, they are now able to get to the answers more quickly and therefore place more cases, see more clients and earn more money.”

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