Knowledge Bank launches packager access

Jessica Nangle

November 1, 2017

Knowledge Bank has launched direct access to packagers and master brokers.

Lenders with criteria on Knowledge Bank can now select which packagers they accept business from and whether it is optional or mandatory for the broker to go through a packager to place business with them which will be accessible for every lending type.

When a broker conducts a criteria search to see which lenders will take their client’s case, if any or all of the lenders revealed in the search require the broker to go through a packager or master broker to submit business this will become apparent.

Where a lender accepts business through a packager it will be denoted by a P symbol which lets the broker know that they either can or must use a packager to submit business to that lender, which upon a broker clicking will show details of the packager the lender has approved them to use, together with the packager’s contact details and a link to their website and email address.

This has been designed to save the broker time and ease the process hoping to draw attention to the services provided.

Nicola Firth, chief executive of Knowledge Bank and its parent company Compass Systems, said: “Like the whole of Knowledge Bank, the packager section has been designed to make brokers’ lives easier and shorten the amount of time it takes to find the information they need and place a case.

“In this case it will also make life easier for lenders and showcase both packagers and master brokers.”

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