KR Group expands into third building at Preston HQ

Michael Lloyd

April 16, 2019

Preston-based Key Retirement Group (KR Group) has expanded into Turing House, its third building at Midgery Court, its headquarters in Fulwood, Preston.

The expansion into Turing House will be the epicentre for the company’s equity release advisory firm Key, housing a customer engagement team, estate planning department, business quality control team and the businesses referral arm Key Partnerships.

Simon Thompson, chief executive at KR Group said: “We have enjoyed a prolonged period of growth as the equity release market continues to prosper and despite occupying two buildings in Midgery Court, we found that space was tight.

“The move into Turing House will enable us to continue to expand and recruit across all aspects of the Group as we are looking to hire new colleagues at all levels and disciplines, it is a fantastic time to be a part of KR Group and we are looking forward to an exciting future.”

Will Hale, chief executive at Key, added: “This is an exciting time for us, as Turing House is dedicated to Key and its future growth and development.

“Not only will this move mean that we can meet the demands of the growing business but it also give us space to develop in line with the growth of the market.”

Following a refurbishment, Fleming House will be the home of more 2 life and Baines House will house the group’s service functions.

The group employs over 400 people. Originally situated in Harbour House at Preston Docklands, KR Group moved to Midgery Court in 2013 – first occupying Baines House before moving into Fleming House in 2017.

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