KRS joins Equity Release Council

Robyn Hall

November 5, 2012

Key Retirement Solution’s membership continues the expansion of the trade body which now has more than 46 member firms spread across providers, qualified financial advisers, intermediaries, solicitors and surveyors.

The group, which has specialised in equity release for 14 years, was previously a member of Safe Home Income Plans which became the Equity Release Council in May this year.

Its team of qualified advisers and support staff were vetted as part of the formal membership process in order to ensure they met the council’s rigorous standards.

Paul Wilson, managing director of Key Retirement Solutions, said: “The continuing expansion of the Equity Release Council is crucial to the success of the sector as a whole and Key Retirement is committed to playing a leading role.

“Product development and a focus on clients are essential in building on the progress for the industry delivered by the Council.”

Andrea Rozario, director general of the Equity Release Council, added: “Key Retirement’s experience and expertise in equity release is important to our objective of representing the entire sector. It is crucial that consumers receive outstanding advice they can depend on and people receiving advice from our members can have that confidence.”

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