Kuflink’s Article 50 response: “We feel that Brexit has already happened”

Mortgage Introducer

March 29, 2017

Tarlochan Garcha is chief executive at peer-to-peer property lender, Kuflink

Following the Referendum last June, there was a period where everything came to a standstill. However, we feel that Brexit has already happened. The UK economy has reset and is once again thriving.

The UK has a genuine desire to succeed and show the EU that we are better off on our own. I believe our economy will continue to prosper, and I have no doubt new opportunities for UK companies to work with Europe will present themselves.

The property is likely to remain greatly unaffected once the UK leaves Europe. Realistically priced properties in good locations are selling, often above the asking price – this is proof that the property sector has weathered the Brexit storm and it’s business as usual.

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