Labour delivered more homes than the Conservatives

Michael Lloyd

November 13, 2019

Between 2001 to 2010, the Labour government started and completed more homes than the Conservative government did from 2010 and 2019, Stone Real Estate has revealed.

Labour started over 1.3 million homes compared to the Conservatives’ 1.2 million.

In addition, Labour completed 10.4% more homes (1,337,270), than the Conservatives.

Michael Stone, founder and chief executive of Stone Real Estate, said: “Regardless of your political allegiances, what is very clear is that the number of homes being delivered over almost the last decade has slowed compared to the same time period previous.

“This is despite a growing population and a greater need for housing and this lack of supply to meet demand is pushing up house prices and pushing homeownership even further out of reach for the average homebuyer.

“Politics and property have always been intertwined but this isn’t a case of pitting one against the other and solving the housing crisis should be at the forefront of the government agenda regardless of who holds the majority, with a long-term, sustainable plan to tackle it head-on so that the aspirations of homeownership don’t die for the next generation of buyers.”

The vast majority of homes delivered by Labour were to the private sector (86.7%), whilst the Conservatives delivered more homes to the housing association and local authority sectors.

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