Lancashire financial planner gains international recognition

Nia Williams

February 17, 2010

ISO 22222 was created in 2005 with the aim of achieving and promoting consumer confidence by providing an internationally-agreed benchmark for high standards of personal financial advice.

The achievement is a considerable success given that less than 100 advisers in the UK have gained the prestigious ISO 22222 certification.

Although France and Austria have recently made it compulsory for their advisers to reach these standards, and Italy are following suit, in the UK it remains a decision for individual advisers as to whether or not they wish to meet these standards.

Sylvia said, “Meeting the rigorous international standards required to gain ISO 22222 did not just require a sound knowledge of the financial advice process it included things like ethical behaviour, information security, client confidentiality and data protection as well as risk management and a commitment to continual improvement – all areas that will be of tremendous benefit and reassurance to clients and potential clients alike.”

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