Land Registry reviews 2011 property information

Yuan Phoon

December 22, 2011

The average price paid for a property in England and Wales in 2011 was £161,727, compared to £164,916 in 2010.

The most expensive property sold in England and Wales during the period was a £19.25 million detached house in Hampstead, north London. The cheapest property was a £16,000 terraced house in Middlesbrough.

The region with the biggest price fall over the year was the North East at 5.4%. The region with the biggest price rise over the year was London at 1.4%.

From January to November inclusive there were 539,577 property sales in England and Wales. The county with the most property sales was Greater London. The county with the least property sales was Merthyr Tydfil.

Terraced houses were the type of property to see the most sales in 2011. Flats saw the fewest sales in 2011.

The number of properties sold for over £1 million in England and Wales over 2011 totalled 6,275; 16 of these were sold for over £10 million.

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