Landbay gains carbon neutral status

Jake Carter

January 12, 2022

green carbon

Specialist buy-to-let (BTL) lender Landbay has been officially certified as a carbon neutral business for the offsetting of its greenhouse gas emissions.

The endorsement comes from Carbon Neutral Britain, a carbon offsetting initiative which helps individuals and businesses make an impact on climate change.

Landbay has limited its greenhouse gas emissions, with the majority of carbon dioxide usage coming from energy emitted within its head office building.

The other main sources of carbon emissions come from staff commuting to work and working from home, plus business travel.

The Carbon Neutral Business certification lasts for one year, and Landbay intends to apply for renewal on an annual basis.

On Landbay’s behalf, Carbon Neutral Britain offsets its carbon emissions by funding renewable energy in projects around the world that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Julian Cork, chief operating officer at Landbay, said: “It has never been more important for businesses to step up and take account of the environmental impact associated with their operations.

“In the UK, businesses account for over 85% of total greenhouse gas emissions – making corporate action the number one priority in helping stop climate change.

“Looking to do our part for the environment, we have offset via the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund which supports wind, solar, hydro and cook stove projects.

“They all have a strong focus on providing lasting social and economic benefits in developing countries around the world

“I would like to thank the ESG team at Landbay which consists of volunteers from each of the functional areas who have worked hard on this.”

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