Landbay launches quick quote tool

Mortgage Introducer

May 17, 2017

Landbay has launched a quick quote tool for mortgage brokers using its website.

Brokers can get a quick quote from the online decision in principle system by matching customer information with Landbay’s lending criteria.

Brokers can then download a quick quote, an indication of the cost of the product via an ESIS.

Users will have the option to convert the information they have shared into a full mortgage application which can produce a DIP within 48 hours, a conditional offer subject to valuation.

Paul Clampin, chief lending officer of Landbay, said: “This tool will provide brokers with a secure and intuitive way to source a quick and accurate mortgage quote on behalf of their buy-to-let clients.

“This is indicative of our commitment to the intermediary sector, speeding up the process and removing the need for endless paperwork.

“We know that speed, accessibility and flexibility are crucial for brokers and our position as a proptech lender means we have the technology in place to achieve this in our lending process.”

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