Landbay partners with Oracle NetSuite

Ryan Bembridge

October 18, 2018

Landbay has partnered with software company Oracle NetSuite to increase the speed in which it processes loan applications.

NetSuite is said to enable swifter decisions around mortgage applications and investor sign ups.

Julian Cork, chief operating officer, said: “Landbay is rapidly scaling and to support this growth we needed a technology platform that would enable us to make decisions quickly, while continuing to offer competitive products for our borrowers and lenders.

“For us, growth means signing up more people as investors and providing more mortgages to landlords, so we need to offer competitive rates on both sides.

“NetSuite supports that goal by giving us the insights we need and also frees up our team to build out the best mortgage products for landlords and investors.”

The lender said it is able to approve any loan application in just 48 hours versus the industry average of three weeks.

NetSuite will also help enable Landbay’s employees to shift focus from administrative tasks and focus more time on developing innovative lending products.

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