Landlords failing to research

Ryan Fowler

August 4, 2014

The research found that a quarter of buy-to-let investors failed to seek out advice or carry out any research before making their property purchases.

Steve Bolton, founder and chairman of PPP, said: “As with any investment, extensive research and planning for buy-to-let investors is paramount.

“It is astounding how little thought and preparation many investors are giving before diving in and making such a substantial investment decision.

“Neglecting to spend a reasonable amount of time and energy to devise a strategy for your buy-to-let investment can prove costly.

“Research and advice is essential to help pinpoint the right type of property and identify the right locations to maximise income and in fact, whether this type of investment is right for you.

“It’s crucial that choices are made that reflect an individual’s own unique circumstances and goals, and are appropriate for the amount of investable capital available.

“We would therefore urge prospective investors to exhaust the plethora of resources available and consult experts before they make any hasty decisions.”

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average buy-to-let investor in the UK currently has a property portfolio of £650,000, while recent PPP research shows investors achieve an average gross yield of 5.6%.

If £650,000 was invested in property today and a consistent yield of 5.6% was achieved over 15 years, a typical period to consider a property investment, then the investment would be worth in excess of £1.63m by 2029.

But, if the average investor increased their yield by just 1% – which could potentially be achieved by conducting thorough research on property location, seeking advice about income potential and reducing costs– the value of their investment would increase by £80,340 in the same fifteen year period through both income and capital growth.

Bolton added: “The fact that increasing one’s yield by a mere 1% can increase the value of an investment by over £80,000 in fifteen years goes to show how far good preparation can go.

“Taking a lacklustre approach could mean investors miss out hugely in the long run.”

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