Landlords positive about market

Nia Williams

February 9, 2010

According to Upad, 57% of UK landlords feel more confident about the buy-to-let market for February 2010, compared to January. However, this figure is lower than the finding for the same poll conducted last month, which stood at 64%.

Survey respondents leaving comments stressed the increased positivity with the private rental sector, but highlighted lingering issues surrounding arrears and finances. Those feeling less confident about the market mentioned worries over the number of properties up for rent, interest rates rising and houses lying empty.

James Davis, founder and CEO of Upad, commented: “For the third consecutive month since we launched the Index, landlords have highlighted their growing confidence in the market.

”Whilst it’s not a huge majority, I do believe we have turned a corner and that we will continue to see a greater number of new entrants to the sector, as banks begin to open their doors to lending, and renting becomes increasingly popular.”

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