Landlords upbeat over rental sector

Nia Williams

March 10, 2010

This figure is slightly higher than the result for the same poll conducted last month, which stood at 57%.

Survey respondents leaving comments stressed the increased positivity with the private rental sector, but continued to highlight issues such as student accommodation and Government funding. Statements included:

• “There are positive signs lending is returning to the market, which has been the biggest block in the past two years.”

• “Due to the University plans to build more Halls of Residence accommodation, there will be less demand for private rental accommodation.”

• “The industry needs to stop taking Government money and start lending sensibly again.”

James Davis, founder and CEO of Upad, commented: “For the fourth consecutive month since we launched the Index, landlords have highlighted their growing confidence in the market.

“In the months to come, it will be interesting to monitor the lending capacity of the UK’s banks, and the impact this will have on the sector. Overall though, I feel that this month’s survey indicates the market is continuing to go from strength-to-strength.”

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