Landlords warned over EPC deadline

David French

March 1, 2008

Initially part of the Home Information Pack (HIP), EPCs are due to individually be added to BTL properties. Introduction of the scheme is planned for 1 October when landlords will have to make an EPC available to prospective tenants.

EPCs act as a template on which the energy efficiency of any property can be estimated. By standardising the findings, energy data can be collected more efficiently and a clearer picture of the energy consumption and wastage of Europe can be built up. This standardisation also allows for direct comparison between properties.

If landlords fail to get an EPC, it has been claimed that this may result in potential tenants opting not to live there if it has a poor energy rating.

The proposals have been accused of damaging the industry as landlords may look to sell properties to avoid the extra costs.

However, Paul Staley, managing director of Energy Reports and Surveys Ltd, believed that landlords would benefit as long as they do not need to be renewed frequently.

Staley said: “We are not sure how often they will need to be updated but the feeling is that it will be every two to five years rather than every time a new tenant moves in.

“The government is currently deciding on their lifespan. Originally it was 10 years but it is currently reviewing this and we should get a decision by October.

“In the rental sector the government may use it to update the rental sector stock as they may need to meet a minimum standard. There are currently thousands of assessors but not much demand.”

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