Latest research reveals Sunderland is BTL yield hotspot

Jake Carter

January 15, 2021


Sunderland achieves the highest buy-to-let yields at 5.3%, according to new research by Rentround.

Liverpool followed recording yields of 5.22% and Blackpool with yields of 4.58%

However both Sunderland and Liverpool have experienced reductions in their average rental yields between the lockdowns.

Yields in Sunderland dropped by 0.37%, while in Liverpool yields declined by 0.4%.

In contrast, parts of London have maintained strong rental yields with East Ham recording the best at 4.81%.

Catherine Shinerock, head of marketing and customer support for Advanced Rent Option, said: “Despite the lockdowns, BTL investors are still experiencing healthy yields, with Sunderland and Liverpool offering some of the best yields in the UK and excellent occupancy rates.

“Liverpool is experiencing a booming BTL market, with demand for high-end, quality rental accommodation outstripping supply.

“The city has one of the largest universities in the UK and an increasing student population, combined with rising graduate job opportunities.”

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