Females in finance book launches

Jessica Nangle

February 15, 2017

A book focusing on women in the financial industry written by female entrepreneur Rebecca Robertson is being launched.

‘EVOLVE- The feminine approach to financial planning’ is an insight into how businesswoman Rebecca Robertson set up her national IFA firm ‘Evolution for Women’.

Robertson said: “Writing a financial planning book was never anything I could’ve imagined myself doing – not only has it has inspired women who I have never met who I am sure will be future clients of mine, but in the meantime it means women can make positive decisions with their finances.”

Victoria George, marketing and PR manager at Century Capital, said: “Empowering women, improving their representation and participation in all walks of life, but particularly in the male-dominated world of finance, is a critical step in tackling the climate crisis.

“It is vital that we actively encourage women to pursue careers within the finance industry and not to be intimidated as sometimes what you don’t know can ensure you do things differently, even better, than everyone else.”

In her new book, Rebecca details how she established a niche in the market during the recession.

The new author has strived for better education opportunities to bring knowledge and awareness on all aspects of day-to-day finance: including mortgages, insurance, wills and pension planning.

The book will be published by Herkimer Publishing and is available from the 24 February.

Robertson added: “The industry has become a ‘sausage factory’ process for clients – we are selling products to fill a need – whereas we should be thinking about how we can provide a hands on service which suits clients’ needs today and long term.”

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