inCase Coveyancing app reveals new features

Jake Carter

February 3, 2021

platform digital

Lavatech Limited, the developer of the inCase Conveyancing app, has revealed a number of new features.

The app now includes access to an identity checking service, which uses a person’s smartphone to read the biometric chip in a passport.

The added feature is a result of reinvestment, following an 80% uptick in revenue over the first six months of the financial year.

In addition, the investment has been used to increase the number of staff from 10 to 23; with a further eight positions to be filled by June 2021.

According to the firm, it has helped hundreds of thousands of clients during the pandemic execute documents and tasks when traditional communication methods have proved impossible.

Sucheet Amin, founder and chief executive of Lavatech Limited, said: “The importance of legal-tech has been drastically highlighted in the past year – suddenly many firms found themselves working from home and confronted with increasing communication challenges – an intuitive app is the perfect remedy for these obstacles.

“We are proud to support our client firms at a challenging time to embrace innovation.

“Since using the app, our clients have reported huge improvements in their client user experience and instruction, as a result many have proved to become more efficient and most likely profitable.”

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