Law Society calls on solicitors to respond

Robyn Hall

March 18, 2013

Speaking at an all-member meeting of the Conveyancing Association Hudson said that solicitors had a role as the only professionals in the housing market who acted exclusively in the interests of the home buyer and that the Law Society was working to improve the brand of solicitors as a profession.

Hudson said: “The stagnant housing market, the pressures on PI insurance, and changes to legal aid are all making trading conditions difficult for the solicitor, but there are opportunities that the profession should take hold of. There is no reason, for example, why solicitors shouldn’t assume the role of digital notary in our new economy and provide online validation of identity.

“We will be consulting later this year with CQS members on proposals to introduce a new levy to fund a marketing and advertising campaign to raise the profile of solicitors as a service for the big moments in a person’s life – including buying a house and writing a will.”

Eddie Goldsmith, chairman of the CA, was delighted to welcome Des Hudson to speak at the quarterly meeting of the CA.

He said: “Whilst Des hailed conveyancers as the unsung heroes of the house buying process, he also highlighted the challenges we’re facing as the legal landscape evolves.

“The Conveyancing Association’s members are striving to not only tackle these challenges head on but to turn them into opportunities.

“Our members are serious conveyancers and the consumer Pledges we’ve all signed up to demonstrate that our primary commitment is to make the house buying process simple and stress-free for our clients, no matter what the challenge.”

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